About Empparel

From Heart to Art to Print to Empparel

Empparel is the essence of EMpowerment with everyday aPPAREL resulting in unique products. 

Empparel creates high quality wearable garments and accessories printed with artwork designed by Phoenix artist, Tara Catalano. Combining the worlds of art, paper, print, sewing and locally made goods with raw materials, Tara gets to showcase her art on a wide range of mediums. Tara uses a delicate fusion of fine art images and technical graphic design to create the look and feel of Emparrel's colorful creations.

Our Partner:

Empparel products are currently being produced and shipped directly from our partner located in Canada. We chose our partner because of their ability to mill the fabric, print on demand, and sew our products with the best craftsmanship and work ethic. They pay a living wage to workers and are closed on weekends and bank holidays. Many of their employees run their own online stores and know exactly what it takes to turn ideas and art into finished products worthy of their customers. We communicate closely with our partner to ensure our products uphold our highest standards. 


Our Promises:

 Feel good about how your items are
made. Designed by a single mom sassy artist and produced by folks that get a fair wage and work regular hours.
Since we work closely with our fabric vendor, we can come up with beautiful combinations of polyester and spandex that are unique.
Since we have close relationships with our vendor, we have processes in place to maintain consistency in our fabrics. Every business has a responsibility to reduce their environmental impact. Empparel stays mindful in reducing our carbon footprint.