About Tara

Emotionally charged, I am driven to paint those jagged corners of my soul that I sometimes forget to feel. Those jagged corners that come undone from the chaos of everyday life. Usually dressed in a veil of anxiety, I surrender in my studio to recharge and to, simply put, feel better. Painting becomes my passport to escapism, meditation, and to those shadowy corners of my soul. A sort of alchemy takes place and attunes those shadowy corners into love and light. This process reminds me that life is hard so self love, gentleness and kindness are essential. This reminder makes me stronger. Forever changing, I become empowered.

Unbeknownst to me, my artwork not only empowers me but it attunes others who can feel its energy. My art was and still is empowering others.

Feeling limited within the confines of paint and canvas, I sourced a way to reach and empower more individuals. Boom. Empparel was born.

Empowerment + Apparel = Empparel

Empparel was created because of and for YOU. It's your reminder that YOU have an innate power to turn shadows into love and light too. Empparel is your stamp of approval to do what you love.