About Tara

Painting is my pathway to igniting conversations about empowerment. Emotionally charged, I am driven to paint those jagged corners of my soul that I sometimes forget to feel. Painting becomes a sort of alchemy that transforms those spaces into tangible expressions of positivity. This alchemy reminds me that life can be hard, so self-love and self-care are essential. I fell in love with the forgiving characteristics of acrylic paint. Raw brushstrokes, texture, organic shapes and symbols arise from the surface as I paint intuitively. Without sketches or forced objectives, I am able to birth and thereby honor the sacred expressions of my creative force.

I am honored to hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Art from Arizona State University where I studied the technical fundamentals associated with painting and drawing. The healing potential of the creative process revealed itself when life presented dark and heavy moments. Painting became my refuge...my portal out of the dark spell. I felt a surge of inspiration to paint. When I responded, it transformed my life. My collection of art represents my emotions through abstract expressionism.