Hi. I'm Tara. The Artist

I’m an Abstract Expressionist. I create abstract paintings that express my inner world of emotion rather than my external reality. Well, sorta. More on that later. My collection of art is like a blueprint (or turquoiseprint...my favorite color) of how my creative process turns the intangible parts of me into form and color. Here’s a secret. I don’t just create paintings. My paintings create me.

Here’s how. 

People say I have a bubbly optimistic personality. And I do. I’m sassy, joyous and confident. But I also have a sorta gloomy part to my soul. This gloomy part to my soul is what pulls me to the canvas. This pull is stronger and bigger than me. At the canvas, I am internally charged and ready to embark on an emotional transformation. This is when the gloomy part to my soul is elevated into higher level emotions such as self love, joy, and compassion.

This is a lot of words. I get it. So, simply put, art paints a smile on my face from the inside out. But that’s not my whole story. Stay with me. My emotional transformation or creative process results in colorful, abstract paintings which are birthed intuitively without forced objections. Many layers of acrylic paint and texture are applied adding depth and mystery. My unique techniques result in atmospheric compositions and bold color blocks which allow viewers to get lost in their own emotional experience.

Here’s the twist.

My paintings are a sneak peek into future manifestations. In other words, I use my creative process to elevate my emotions to manifest my desires. This is the part where my paintings make me. My abstract paintings show me next level emotions needed to manifest my desires. Some of my biggest desires include romantic love, a sustainable art biz, and a lot more freedom. I believe, only painting can take me there.
Mind blown yet? Mine is.
My mind continues to be blown everytime I feel an emotional elevation and witness my manifestation cycle due to painting.

This is my story.
This my truth.
This is my alchemy.
Most of all, this is why I paint.

It would be such a disservice to the world not to share this. Because, as an artist, my biggest desire is for viewers of my art collection to be connected to their next level emotions so they too can manifest their desires.
So to all my viewers and collectors...if anything at all should happen to you while viewing my art collection, let it at least be a smile from the inside out.
xoxo, Tara